5 Reasons Why Full-Time RVing is the Greatest

RVing has been steadily increasing since the RV movement began in the 1950s. In 2018, The Washington Post stated that 1 million people had converted over to RV living. That number has only gone up; especially since COVID hit in March.

For us, one of the main reasons we chose this life is because travelling is a way of life. Grant's job takes him all over the USA and paying rent in two places is expensive! Not to mention only being able to see each other once or twice a month for a few days.

But that's not the only thing that drew us to the RV lifestyle. We have been living full-time in our fifth-wheel for just over one year together. I have conducted a list of the things that we love the most about full-time RV life and why we think it's the most rewarding life to live.

Freedom to Travel

This is, I feel, and obvious one. Even before I met Grant, I have always loved to travel. In the 10 years I spent on my own in adulthood, I had moved to countless cities and states.

Travelling was my passion. I love seeing how others live, learn about their cultures, food, and climate they live in. As the curious girl that I still am, I wanted to be on the go constantly.

I came up with the plan to stop paying for leases, moving furniture, and pet deposits and have something that I could truly call home. Something that was mine!

Grant, on the other hand, had always had a job that required him to travel. From the Navy to the Oil Field, his job was constantly sending him all around the world.

When we met, we tried the long-distance thing. Don't get me wrong, it worked, but that doesn't change the fact that it sucked. I can honestly say it is much better to be able to see the person you are in a relationship with everyday then to plan your next visit weeks or months in advance.

So we bought an RV! It has been the best decision we have made together so far and we have loved every minute of it.

We can put the slides in, hitch up, and move wherever, whenever!

The first time we did this I kept having the feeling that I had forgot something. Picture yourself moving or travelling for a trip with an empty car. (I still have my own car I drive behind the camper.) No more packing a back or your house to move or travel. Everything you own in tucked away in the fifth-wheel you are following.

Pretty rad, huh?

No More Moving Furniture

I for one (and my dad who helped me in all my 1000s of moves) was very excited that I no longer had to lift heavy furniture when I wanted to relocate!

Since we are full-time in a camper, we only have to strap down whatever will shift and put the slides in.

No more awkward texts to friends and co-workers asking to borrow a truck or help you move with the reward of pizza and beer after a long day of gruelling work.

Maybe it's just me, but I hate moving. I love relocating but the act of packing boxes, moving furniture, and signing leases are the worst!

If you live in an RV, this is something you no longer have to worry about.

Small Space = Small Cleaning

You have no idea how much I appreciate being able to clean my entire house in 30 minutes. I'm talking dusting, vacuuming, mopping, de-cluttering... you name it!

For us (especially Grant who hates to clean), this gives us so much more time to do the things we really want to do. We spend so much more quality time with each other knowing that your household chores won't take that long.

When we lived in an apartment, sometimes I would dedicate an entire day to clean the place up. An entire day, yall!

No more of that nonsense since we converted into camper living.

RVing and Pets

This is another big deal for me. I am the type of person that cannot imagine life without my dogs. When I was looking at houses or apartments pre-RV life, I always kept them in mind and I wanted them to feel comfortable and have a safe place for them to play.

I knew that every time we relocated, it put stress on them and they had to take a few weeks to adjust to their new home.

Having a consistent place for my dogs was a big plus when converting to life in our fifth-wheel. Yes, we are moving around a lot to different cities and states, however, where they sleep, eat, and play stays the same.

Even with all of the travelling we do, their home is still consistent which was the most important thing about living in a camper. The added bonus was the lack of pet deposit.

Appreciate the Little Things

One of the best things I learned in the year we have spent in our camper is to appreciate the little things. Stop putting so much joy in material possessions and learn to have more quality moments with the people around you.

Being materialistic is normal in this day and age. Everywhere you look, companies are telling you you need more stuff to make you happy. But the truth is, stuff does not bring you joy.

The longer I live tiny, the more I realize stuff is just wasting space... Literally.

Modern conveniences are great, but not necessary. Sure I miss my dishwasher, but I find myself being cleaner since I don't have the modern convenience anymore. I now have my dishes done each night which is something I couldn't say I did when I knew I had a dishwasher and more space to put the dirty dishes.

Things can be nice, but I find what is more important is the memories you make, not the things you have.

I have seen a change within myself ever since we have started full-time RVing that I wouldn't give for anything. I now worry less about material items and conveniences and care more about spending quality time with the people I love and care about the most.

Travelling full-time has been the most beautiful experience that I wish everyone could have at least once in their life. Even if it's only for a little while.

Grant and I can't imagine living in a normal house after spending a year in a tiny house on wheels. It has brought us joy and comforts no matter where we roam.

We truly love this life we live and never want to go back to a "normal" life.

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