A Guide To Internet on the Road

So you're considering packing your life up and hitting the road full-time, but then you start to think about all the modern things you'll be leaving behind. Have no fear! Black Widow Adventures is here to help you bring all the things with you.

This was one of the biggest concerns I had when I decided to move into a fifth-wheel full-time. We have tried a few different options in the year + that we have lived on the road. Some of them worked out great, while others were lagging a bit.

Some RV parks do offer it, but let's get real, they are never that great. I've come up with a list of great options for you to take the internet with you wherever you roam!

Mobile Hotspot

Yep, this is a thing. And I'm not talking about the button you hit on your phone when you want to connect a device to your phone's internet.

Grant and I have a device that we take everywhere with us (even in the truck while we are on our way to our next location). Anywhere we have cellphone signal, we have wifi!

Cool, right?

What Works For Us

We have the Netgear Nighthawk and use AT&T to provide the hotspot service. Although you now have to purchase the grandfathered plan in order to have unlimited data, it is still possible. You can purchase this on eBay by searching for AT&T unlimited data plan.

We have tried a couple other plans and providers and find this is the most reliable and it gives us truly unlimited wifi. Can you say, "Hello, Netflix binge party?!"

How much exactly do we pay and what do we get? Great question!

We purchased our Netgear Nighthawk through eBay for about $200 and pay $35 per month for unlimited internet.

It really can't get much easier. And there you though having a stable internet provider when you travel full-time in an RV was going to be a pain in the ass! Ok, that was me... I thought that.

What Didn't Work For Us

Grant and I have also given another mobile hotspot and provider a try which failed miserably. What device was that? We tried thee Verizon Jetpack and hated it.

I'm not saying we hate Verizon as a company because we don't! We actually use them as our phone providers and love them for that. But their Jetpack, in my opinion, needs some major improvement in order for it to be an option for full-time RVing.

Why we hated the Jetpack? Well, we were under the impression when we signed into our contract that we would have unlimited internet. We actually did have unlimited internet... for the first month. Each month after kept getting less and less internet until we only had 20 Gbs to use in one month. I don't know about you, but that definitely cut into my Netflix binges.

I know what you're thinking... yes, I have a Netlfix problem. No, they are not paying me...but they should!

What Plan Should You Use

Obviously what we use is not necessarily going to be the best internet everywhere we go just like how cell phone providers are better in different areas. Use your discretion when picking a provider for where you think you'll be travelling the most.

I found this blog by Android Authority that breaks down the best mobile hotspot plans right now that was updated July 2020. Check it out and see what plan works best for you and your area.

Increasing Signal

So you have your new mobile hotspot but you want to increase your signal in your RV. What do you do here?

The most simple solution is to instal an additional antenna.

The antenna that is inside of the mobile hotspot is pretty small so by purchasing an additional, larger antenna that attaches to the device and then the window in your camper, you are giving your device more opportunity to capture an internet signal.

Since we are frequently in more remote locations, we purchased this Netgear MIMO Antenna and have enjoyed the extra signal it helps provide.

The World's MOST Ultimate Mobile Internet

Do you want to have the worlds best internet connection no matter where you go? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have the answer you're looking for!

It may not be the cheapest option, however, it is the most reliable internet for all you digital nomads out there. If you need something great for your RV, you need to check out Moblie Must Have.

Basically, Mobile Must Have sells devices that help you have the best internet anywhere you travel like the Ulitmate Road Warrior bundle. Bundles like these set you up for success by providing you with a mobile hotspot that can hold 4 different sim cards. That means you can use 4 separate providers at the same time which guarantees you to have speedy and reliable internet anywhere you roam.

I'm sure you saw the 4 separate providers part... yes, you will have to pay for 4 separate internet providers here, but if you work off-grid and need the reliability, this is a great option.

No matter if you are in your RV in the desert or on a boat in the middle of the gulf, you're ready to go!

Is a mobile hotspot as good as one in your house? Honestly, it probably is if you're only using the base internet package. Obviously different areas are going to give you a better connection but I have found that to be true, even before moving into a fifth-wheel full-time.

Of course, there are other options that can provide you with internet on the road such as satellite, however, mobile data is the cheapest and most reliable way to have internet in your camper. If you're looking for a more in-depth, techy explanation of the best mobile internet options, check out this video by Changing Lanes. I really learned a lot and they touch more on different options and why some are better than others.

The internet has become such a necessary thing for many people these days and you shouldn't have to compromise if you want to live a more non-traditional way like in a camper. Within the few options that I have mentioned, I have no doubt that you can find the best internet to help you live your best RV life.

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