Buyers Remorse: Camper Style

Buyers remorse is a totally normal thing. At this point in my young 27 years of living, our fifth wheel was the largest, most responsible purchase we had ever made and the subconscious fear was there hiding beneath the surface waiting to pop its big ugly head out and scream, "Suprise!"

All I could think about was this scene from Under the Tuscan Sun. If you haven't seen it, first of all, you are absolutely missing out, but Frances (the main character) spontaneously buys this house in Italy and realizes its falling down around her.

She says, "The trick to overcoming buyer's remorse is to have a plan. Pick one room and make it yours. Go slowly through the house. Be polite, introduce yourself, so it can introduce itself to you."

This is exactly what I did. I took advice from a rom-com movie, put on some gangsta rap, and handled my shit!

The Realization

Some things did trigger this remorse; I realized just how fragile manufactured homes could be. In the first night, I broke a dresser drawer and we awoke the next morning to a leak. Small casualties of being RV newbies.

Both were easy fixes. The drawer needed a new bracket which we found courtesy of Amazon Prime. You can't beat that 2-day shipping!

And the leak... Well, what we found in our research was that it's a pretty common problem with a simple fix. You see, this ties in with the campers-are-

delicate thing. You put too much water pressure into a camper and it'll bust somewhere.

Our fix was a water pressure regulator valve. We tie it directly into the outside water faucet and keep it set at 55 psi. We haven't had any related problems since and I recommend investing in one! We ordered this from Amazon as well.

Make It Your Home

Another trigger was all the God-awful brown everywhere. I'm a "black is the colour to my soul" kind of gal and love my grey tones for my home. A pop of colour here and there because I'm not completely goth but still, I hated the brown. It just didn't feel like home... yet.

To cut Prime Time manufacturers some slack, I have yet to see an RV interior that I actually liked. Every single curtain, bedspread and couch I have ever seen in an RV was just awful to me. My Sanibel fifth-wheel wasn't the worst. I would give it a 4 out of 10 with 1 being the tackiest of RV things and 10 being my ideal style.

Since we went with a bigger budget upfront, Grant and I agreed to be responsible adults and wait to pay a bit of the Black Widow off before making any major renovations. So I did the best I could with the budget we planned out.

Grant will tell you I made entirely too many trips to the At Home store in the first month we moved in. Three. It was three trips. And Two of the three times I was exchanging things because it's tough finding the right size decor and organizational gadgets for a fifth wheel!

But alas, I survived! With a deep breath, yoga, command strips, and a few adult beverages, I conquered my buyer's remorse and turned it into love and pride for my new, unconventional home on wheels!

But for real, Check out all that brown!

Silver Linings

This lifestyle was a big transition for us but now that we have the hang of it I wouldn't have it any other way! It has been a great learning experience and adventure thus far and we have no plans of stopping any time soon!

If I could give you any advice about moving into a camper full-time, it would be to have a good sense of humour. Shit happens but its all part of the adventure. You're going to break things and maybe even blow out your water lines (but hopefully not since you read about our mistakes). Once you adjust, I'm sure you will love your new-found freedom of living in a travelling house on wheels.

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