Declutter Your Home in 4 Easy Steps

So you want to live in a tiny house... You will henceforth be known as a badass. At least in my book. But there are some very obvious things you have to do in order to get to that level of badassery. You know, like getting rid of a bunch of stuff so that your prized possessions will actually fit in your home.

Yep, it's time to binge-watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo to gain to motivation you need to let go of your material items. No seriously, it really is hard and you need to pep yourself up to do it. I definitely did (and still do).

For those of you that want the Clif Notes version of the series, I got you!

I've created a list of things that will help you declutter and part with things so that you can live your very best RV life.

1. Start Now

No, seriously... get up right now and start separating things into keep and donate piles.

Ok, I kid a little sometimes. At least finish reading this blog first.

Remember how I said earlier that you needed to mentally prepare yourself before you start decluttering your life? That's because so many people in this modern world hold emotional value in their material possessions. And that's ok!

But in reality, not everything in your house is actually important. The thing is, it takes time to decipher what actually is important to you and what you will be ok without. It won't happen overnight, yall. Decluttering is a process.

For me, I started my downsizing process a year before we ever even purchased our fifth-wheel. I knew tiny living was a dream of mine so I started preparing for the life I wanted instead of taking advantage of the massive walk-in closet that I had at the time.

Getting rid of material things can be harder than you think, but I promise the reward is massive when you learn to live a minimalistic life.

2. Everything has a Go Spot

Ladies... Leave a comment if you've ever spent all day cleaning and organizing your house to have your man come home and put his shit all over your countertops. I feel you! And it's even worse in a tiny house...

One hat, a wallet, and keys take up the entirety of the bartop that you so neatly cleaned and decorated.

But guess what... I have a solution for you.

Everything has a Go Spot. What exactly is a Go Spot? It's a specific place where a specific thing goes.

Yes, it's as simple as that!

Grant and I bickered about the bartop scenario for months. Months! And then I wised up and got some $2 baskets from Target to make a "His and Hers" space in our hallway cabinet.

He had a spot for his things that he could no longer deny and guess what, he started using it! Can you say, "Goodbye, clutter?!"

All it took was a little organizing on my part. That goes for everything in our camper. Plus, it's so much easier to find things you need if they have their own home. Need some batteries? It's in it's "Go Spot." Flashlight? Go Spot. You get the gist, right?

3. If You're Not Using It, Put It Away

Yes, I know that this can be tedious, especially if you're in the middle of multiple projects. But it is necessary and even more so if you live in an RV.

Space is limited as it is. Our living room is for movie nights, working out, crafting, and playing with our dog, Willie. But if it's cluttered with other things, your space will dwindle until you have to dig a path in order to walk through the room.

Ok, that might be a bit dramatic. But do you see what I'm saying?

I recently took on multiple big projects in one week. I'm talking, painting, making curtains, and pressing flowers. Why? Because I started a new job so my free time is now limited but I still wanted them done.

When I took on these projects, I would start with painting (because it's the biggest task and needed time to dry), picked up and clean the paint things, get out the sewing machine and sew curtains, put away the sewing machine, and spread the flowers out on the living room floor to change the papers or arrange them into their frames, put away the flower things, and crack a cold one because whoa, what a day.

Yes, my days were long and filled with setting up a project and taking them down, but I got things done. I used the time and space I had to the best of their ability and got 3 major projects out of the way the week before I started my new job.

By the end of each day, my house was under construction but still functional! That's what it takes to live in a tiny house. It's not hard, but if I hadn't done the extra steps, I would have had to dig a path in my house.

If I'm not using something, it's in it's Go Spot so that 1.) my house stays organized and 2.) I remain sane.

4. Donate, Donate, Donate

In my opinion, donating is the best way to get rid of the things that are cluttering your home. Stuff needs to go somewhere, and sometimes that somewhere is in someone else's house.

Yes, I downsized so that I could live in a 400 square foot camper full-time. But that doesn't mean I stopped donating things.

No matter how hard you try, in life, you are going to constantly acquire things. Even if you have a minimalist mindset. Over time these things become the clutter that stresses you out. It's a very vicious cycle.

Because of RVing, I have become that person who if I don't use something, I don't need it taking up space in my very tiny house. So I donate.

About every 3 months I find myself with a box in my trunk on the way to my local thrift store. That way others can use what we didn't need. Also, it limits things that go into landfills which is a fantastic bonus. So there's that...

Whatever you find you don't need, donate. I guarantee someone will find a use for it.

Decluttering is a process that takes time to accomplish so don't beat yourself up if, after your binge-watch that Tidying Up show on Netflix, your house isn't as clean as the homes on the shows. When you're ready to part with things, you will! I certainly did.

The best things to do in order to obtain a clutter-free home is to start ASAP, find a home for everything you use and put it back when not in use, and donate everything you don't need.

I have the most confidence that you can have an organized and clutter-free home in good time if you stick to it! Throughout the month of November, I will be focusing on organization, so join the adventure below and follow along for other great tips and trick so you can live like a minimalist.

Leave a comment below of your favorite decluttering tip! I love hearing from you.

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