Don't Call it a Dream, Call it a Plan

You have a dream. That's great! Every fun and exciting thing once started as a dream. But how do you make that dream become a reality? A plan.

If you have read any of my other blogs you probably picked up that I can be a bit of a basket case at times. But I am living my dream and working every day to push further toward my goals, so I must be doing something right.

I know what I ultimately want in life. Or at least I have a 5-year plan. Gotta start somewhere, right?

Slowly, but surely Grant and I combined our dreams and created a plan to make it happen. And here's the thing... You can too!

Turn Your Dream into a Plan

When Grant and I first met, we came up with our dream to travel all of North America in a house on wheels. Moving each week to a different location, working remotely, and breathing in each moment. Nope, we are not there yet, but we are much further to our goal now than when we started dreaming. That's all because we came up with a plan.

Ask yourselves these questions; "What can you do to make my dream become a reality? What plan do I need to get my plan in motion? Can I work extra hours? Limit my excess spending? Learn a new skill that will help with my plan?"

The options are limitless. Set aside one hour each day to plan for the future you desire.

Put Your Plan in Motion

You can dream all you want and craft a plan with such depth and detail you believe it to be full proof. But until you put that plan in motion, and step outside of your comfort zone, you will still just be dreaming.

My very best friend once told me that I am the only person she knows that puts all my comforts aside in order to achieve my dreams. Not gonna lie, I teared up a bit when she told me that. But the thing is, she is 100% correct.

I have bent over backwards, taken the harder road laughing at the easy path, all because I knew that was the only way I was going to live the life I truly want. Not some comfortable, cushy life. Comfort is great but at some point, you'll see through the bullshit and realize you aren't happy after all. I dare you to create a life that is catered to you because you formed the perfect mould.

What can you do today to help get the show on the road? Seriously, right now? What can you do?

Don't Fear Failure

You're going to fall. There I said it. And it's true! Not everything is going to work out the way you planned. But DO NOT for one second let that keep you down. Get up, brush yourself off, and fix whatever it was that knocked you down.

Look at it from a different angle if you have to, but don't EVER let it stop you from chasing your goal. Learn from your mistakes and adapt to a better, stronger you.

Anyone who has ever been successful at literally anything in life will tell you that you will fail somewhere along the way. But they will also tell you not to give up. They might even say, when you get knocked down, get up and tell life, "You hit like a B****!" That's what I do at least. But you might not be as sassy as me which is fine.

It's natural to feel fear when looking at change, but it is crucial to take a deep breath and do it. Put on some gangsta rap if you need to (I certainly do), whatever you need to make you feel like the badass that you truly are, face your fear and start Phaze One of your brilliant plans.

If you think for one second that my plans worked exactly as I imagined at all, you haven't read my other blog posts because they would make you realize that you're sadly mistaken.

I had to jump through hoops more times than I could count, but I'm still here, writing this blog fiercely typing away telling you it will be ok! You will make it as long as you DON'T GIVE UP.

I encourage you to take it day-by-day, breath, and never stay down for too long.

You have a dream, now it's time to form a plan. Believe in yourself and above all be unapologetically you. You were meant for great things. If that weren't true, you wouldn't have a dream in the first place.

Do something today that turns your dream into a plan and do the damn thing!


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