Find The Good

This subject is a tough one for me for a few different reasons. I grew up with a family full of negative people who moulded me into being a natural negative nancy.

Although they meant well and have been supportive of my life, I was set up for failure and did not discover how bad the issue was until I went out on my own and had to deal with all my problems myself. I literally had people avoid me because everything out of my mouth was negative.

Being a negative person is infectious and I work at it daily to find the good in life. But for some, positivity comes naturally. Those are the lucky ones, the incredible ones, and the people I want to be around the most.

I recently lost a very dear family friend, Tammy, to cancer and her outlook on life is absolutely inspiring. Her motto was Find the Good and that's exactly what she did in every aspect of her life. Even cancer.

RVing in a Pandemic

There's no hiding the current events of 2020. Let's get real, COVID straight up SUCKS! It has changed the way I and everyone else in the world live their day to day life drastically.

Many in the full-time RV community were left stranded when the lockdown first hit in March due to RV parks and their dump stations closing.

So many had no other choice but to travel across the country into the unknown to seek shelter where they knew resources would be available. This was around the time when states were starting to close their borders and set up mandatory quarantines for anyone who crosses their state line.

Imagine finding out the world is literally closed and you have no way to access fresh water or maintain basic health like dumping your black and grey tanks. Yea, not cool, dude.

Grant and I were lucky and took shelter on his family's land only having to travel 600 miles. Many were not as lucky as us, unfortunately.

You might very logically be asking yourself, how in the hell are you supposed to find the good in that? Yea, I had to think good and long about this, too.

The good about living full-time in a camper during a pandemic is that we got to hunker down and live in the present. We stopped planning where we would be in a week or months time and focused on the now.

More quality time was spent between Grant, myself and his family. I started running again and practising yoga daily. Grant had time to fix some things on the fifth wheel that we had been neglecting. I learned how to garden! Something I had never been able to do since we are always moving.

The list goes on.

Yes, it's terrifying living in a pandemic, no matter if you're full-time in a camper or living in sticks and bricks home. But the thing is, you can find good in the world shutting down. All you have to do is try.

Travelling in 2020

Since lockdown in March, Grant and I have travelled a few time with the greatest caution. RVing is, in fact, a great way to maintain social distancing while travelling because we never have to go inside a gas station and we don't have to stay in a hotel.

We could stay within our campsite (more than 6 feet away from others) and enjoy nature in the comforts of our own home.

With RV travel I don't worry too much about since the pandemic hit, however, I was forced to travel alone by car on a 2,600-mile road-trip earlier this month. Holy shit was I terrified. I almost changed my mind even after I had packed the car.

I had the option to either fly on a plane and risk exposure to everyone in the airport or drive my car from west Texas to Dehli, Iowa. Obviously I pick the one that involved less contact with humans.

This was bizarre to me because I have never in my life second-guessed travelling. I have travelled far and wide. Even overseas by myself! Why in the world would I be worried about a 2-day drive?

Everyone told me I was overreacting, so I turned on some gangsta rap, masked and Lysoled up, and hit the road!

How did I find the good?

I found it when I finally got around friends and family, listening to Tammy's family speak about how truly amazing she was. I realized Tammy was right, you have to find the good in life because it won't always find you. This was my, ah-ha moment in case you were wondering.

I found the good because for the first time in months I was able to spend quality time with family. It had been years since I had seen Tammy's family and it was great to spend time with them as well.

We got to play in the lake, do yoga on the dock, share meals and stories, all because I grew a pair and drove across the country.

Travelling in itself was how I found the good. I gained my confidence back (while social distancing and sanitizing).

Not to mention the beauty of being back on the road. It might just be me but I love watching the landscape change. It's somewhat therapeutic to me and always has been.

Setting all of my fear aside, I was able to find the good and remember why I love travelling.

Finding the good might be hard at first, but I promise if you sit down and think about it hard enough you will find the good in absolutely anything. Even a pandemic. Even cancer. Anything.

Tammy was an incredible woman who even after she is gone, her beautiful and positive spirit lives on. She has once again reminded me to find the good and helped me regain the courage to be me again. I miss her terribly but I will forever remember to find the good in everything I do.

This may be the new normal or it may just be temporary, either way, you have to find the good. Tell 2020 to suck it and be the good that everyone else needs!

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