From Tin Can to Beautiful Home

If you have read my blog, How to Keep Your RV Cool, you know that Reflectix is one of my favourite products to keep my fifth wheel cool. It's cheap and instantly effective, reflecting the sun and insulating, keeping cool air in.

Although effective, if you leave them uncovered you can feel like you live in a tin can. I have discovered a way to cover these reflective panels, adding more appeal and colour to the room while keeping it as an effective insulator. All you'll need is the fabric of your choice, a marker, stick-on velcro, and a sewing machine.

Here's how I covered my panels.

Cut Reflectix to fit Windows

Depending on the climate you are parked in will determine how many windows you want to cover. I made panels for every window in case I want them all covered if I'm in a hotter climate. Better to have and not need. You can always store them when you don't need them.

Cut Fabric to fit Panels

Once you have your Reflectix panels fit for the window, it's time to cut your fabric. I found the easiest and fastest way to do this is to place the panel on the fabric and trace it with a marker. This gives you a full-proof and fast way to get the correct measurement.

Be aware of the fabric here. If you have a printed fabric, many patterns are more prominent on one side. You'll want the more pretty side facing down when sewing. We will be flipping the sewn part insides out so this is important here.

Leave about an inch of fabric outside of the marked area when cutting.

Pin Fabric Together and Sew

Once you have one side traced with the pretty side facing down, it's time to cut the other side. I chose to do the side facing the window solid black.

Place the patterned fabric on top, the prominent side facing down, pin the two pieces of fabric together, and cut.

You're now ready to move to the sewing machine. Sweet! You're half-way done.

Sew along the marker line along three sides of the marked fabric. Once this is complete, flip the fabric inside out and put the panel in the case. You'll then fold the open side in and pin it. I find this is easier if all the fabric is on one side of the Reflectix panel. You'll have fewer worries of the sewing machine jamming if you're not sewing over the panel itself.

Once it's pinned and looking good, sew the final side.

Place Beautified Reflectix into Window

Horray! The hardest part is complete. You are a badass!

Now all that's left is putting the now beautiful panels in their homes. Most of them will fit between the widow seals but you might need to use velcro.

Stick-on velcro is easiest for this. Stick both sides of velcro wherever they are needed on the window itself, then push the panel against it. Once it's stuck, remove the panel, making sure the velcro stuck to it, and hand stitch it in place. Simple as that!

You now have a cool and beautiful home on wheels to be proud of! Give yourself a pat on the back and fix yourself a tasty beverage. It's now time to lounge in your new and improved cool space and enjoy.

As always, if you still have questions, comments, or concerns feel free to reach out in the comments or on the contact page of the website.


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