Make Your Own RV Storage

With any RV or tiny home, there is obviously going to be a space issue. But even though you signed up to live in a tiny space, that doesn't mean you have to compromise and give up everything. Sometimes you just have to get a little creative with space you have available.

Making small spaces more efficient has become one of my favorite things to do on my downtime. Maybe that's a telltale sign that I am indeed getting older. Who knows... but either way, it's something that is useful when you live in a tiny space.

Creating efficient spaces to store your items is possible for anyone if you give it at least 48.3% effort. Black Widow Adventures is here to share some of the ways we've cheated the RV system and created more storage spaces for our tiny home on wheels.

Secret Hiding Places

I don't know if you could tell by the title, but in my camper and many others that I have seen, there are secret hiding spaces that RV manufacturers don't want you to know about. Where are they? Well that 100% depends on the layout of your RV.

We currently live in a 2015 Sanibel 3701 and our 2 biggest dead spaces that we have converted into additional storage are located under our stairs and under the kitchen sink. 2 massive spaces that were either completely blocked off or the RV manufacturers only allowed maybe 2 square feet of usage.

Why are these hater gonna hate and play all the jokes on you? Honestly, it's probably a weight issue...

So if you do go looking for these hidden compartments full of dead space, make sure your truck can handle pulling the extra weight before you go crazy.

If you think your truck can make it with the extra weight, load your square bit on your drill and get to work!

Project Time

Our stairs are still a work in progress because let's face it, we were very rudely not born into trust funds so projects have to wait sometimes, however, we are still using it to store seasonal items. What we have planned for it is to create a doorway underneath our stairs so that we can have easy access to the massive space that previously had no current purpose.

When our door is installed, we plan to store things like our steamer, sewing machine, and holiday decorations in it. You know, those things that you do actually use but not on a daily basis so you need a good space for them to be tucked out of the way.

The cabinet under the kitchen sink, on the other hand, has completely been opened up (aside from the holes in the floor for the plumbing) and we now have more space for cleaning supplies and other things like Britta filters and such.

We actually took the same panels that were blocking off the dead space and moved them back to give us more room.


Look at all that space! Excuse the dust though...

Every RV is created just a tad bit differently. It took us a year to grow a pair and start slowly renovating ours. Our renovations have both made us realize RV's are not quite as fragile as we originally thought and it has spraked our inspiration to use every space and make it into an area that serves us well.

Take a look around your home on wheels... I guarantee you'll find secret hiding places with loads of dead space just waiting for you to take advantage of them. Take down a panel or two your garage (under-storage) and see what's hiding behind it. We found a jackpot of space in ours.

Post a picture below of your new and transformed space!

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