RV Life, Camping Trips, and Waiting on the World

I realized I haven't done a post about what we are doing in a hot minute so I figured I would give yall an update on what Black Widow Adventures has going on.

This RV life is a great one but always unpredictable. We are used to packing up and moving on a whim due to Grant's job, but living in mid-pandemic times it's even more unpredictable.

Chasing the Pipeline

For those of you that are just joining in, Grant works as an X-Ray Tech on various pipelines (mainly in West Texas). Normally, I find work in whatever town we relocate to, but due to current situations, a yoga teacher or bartender isn't really essential this year so here I am typing away on this blog.

We are so thankful that Grant has been back working for the past two months because it allows us to be independent once again. We love travelling around and staying in new locations. That's one of the main reasons we chose to live in our fifth wheel full-time.

His job is the main reason we are able to travel since we have not been able to work completely from home yet. That is the plan, to build a business working from our fifth wheel and hit the road full-time.

Goodbye, pipeline!

Don't get me wrong, it has been a great source of income while travelling, but we would like to travel to more places than the desert. There's only so much damn sand you can take! My vacuum is starting to hate me...

Camping Trips

Since the project Grant is currently on is coming to a close, the work is slowing down. We are filling the extra time he has off with some primitive camping!

We have loved tent camping and have been avid outdoorsmen since we met and don't plan on stopping. Even if we live in a camper full-time.

We have been travelling up in elevation where the weather is cooler and the sand is minimal. As a matter of fact, we are currently on the way to go camping as I'm typing this!

Yes, I'm in the passenger seat with my laptop out. If anyone was curious, its a pain in the butt to type while driving down a bumpy road. If there are any typos, I blame the potholes. I guess that just shows how much I love writing this blog!?

Willie has loved being back in the woods and has proved his love by investigating every hole he finds. As for us two-leggers, we have loved not sweating just by sitting outside and being in a different ecosystem.

It's been a nice change of pace. Work hard, play harder. Right?

Waiting on Projects

In a normal year, Grant will have a couple of weeks to a month of off time between pipeline projects. That is our playtime! The last time off he had (besides lockdown) we went on a 6 state road trip throughout the South West! Badass, right?

With the current project slowing down, we are planning to head south to the Del Rio region of Texas. There are a few parks we have been wanting to visit (if they are open) and we plan to visit family.

There has been talk of a large pipeline kicking off next month that will run from Corpus Christi, TX to Carlsbad, NM. If that happens when it does, I imagine we would be heading to the coast!

But we never hold our breath with any plans.

Kind of a pain, but this is one of the reasons we love living in our camper! It's so easy to pack up and move wherever you're needed. All of your familiarity and comforts are right there on your hitch dragging behind you.

We'll see where we actually end up. Either way, Grant and I are happy to be able to take on this journey together!

Wedding Planning: Pandemic Style

If you've read The Weirdest Love Story, you know that we have been planning to get married this October in the mountains. Well, the venue ended up cancelling us.

They straight up ghosted us like a bad date!

Wedding planning has never been a want or dream of mine. I hate being the centre of attention and I find it unnecessary to spend an enormous amount of money for a party, however, it's what Grant wanted.

We've had to constantly make adjustments on plans and still have nothing ready. At this point we are on Plan E, but who's counting?

If you're trying to plan a wedding this year or even next, I feel for you! This has not been fun but this is how things are right now.

Until then, we'll just be chilling in our RV waiting on the world.

This is what we are doing right now. We are not where we want to be yet, but dreams don't happen overnight. Let's emphasize the word yet in the previous sentence.

I'm a big advocate for dreaming and living the life you truly want. It shouldn't matter if it's outside of the social norm or not. You do you, boo!

As always feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or just to say hello! We love hearing for you and love our Adventure Tribe that gathers here on Black Widow Adventures.

Always stay true to yourself and be kind to others.

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