How To Go RVing Safely During The COVID-19 Pandemic

So you've been in lockdown in your home, unable to see friends, do fun things, or go places. I get it, it sucks being cooped up. Hell, I've been cooped up in under 300 sq feet. We are all fighting and hoping for the world to go back to normal so we can resume our daily lives.

COVID-19 has made things more difficult, but not impossible. I believe we should try to live as normally as possible while remaining cautious and respectful of others.

That's why there has been a spike in RVing this year more than ever. But even still, the world has not completely opened up even for us RVers. Many campgrounds are not allowing as much traffic and dump stations are closed. So here are a few things to plan for when taking an RV adventure this summer.

Know Each County's Regulations Before You Travel

Each state and county has different guidelines and regulations in place so it would be smart to check each place you will stop before you travel. Some are as strict as requiring you to wear face coverings and limit how many people can be in each area at a time, while others only recommend you do these things.

We had to cancel our October wedding in southern Colorado due to only 10 people being able to gather outside at a time. But again, it was only in the county we booked our venue. Other parts of Colorado are more lenient.

I have yet to find a website where it shows information of each state and counties regulations on one website so this will have to be looked up individually.

Same with restaurants and parks. Many restaurants are still not open for sit down dining as well as parks only allowing day traffic. Each county is different.

There are many RV parks as well that have limited accommodations and many have closed their dump stations completely. If you are thinking of boondocking, check to make sure there will be a dump station available in the area you are wanting to camp.

Shop Before you Travel

Sorry, no souvenirs on this trip.

In my opinion, shopping before makes camping easier in general but especially with things being more shut down these days. It is a good idea to get all your grocery shopping done before you travel.

Many concerns for states is that travellers make it harder for them to keep their residence safe. By doing your grocery shopping before, you help minimize the spread of germs. The less contact you have with people, the safer everyone is.

We practise this when we travel as well as limiting our outdoor ventures. I hate that we can't stroll through the local towns and shop small, but this does keep everyone safer. We now stick to our RV park or the trails.

Keep Your Distance and Leave NO Trace

I know! It's the most repetitive thing you hear these days, but it is necessary. RVing is a great way to keep to your family safe and spread out away from others while enjoying nature. When on the trails, try to pick those that are less crowded and bring a mask with you just in case the trails are narrow and it is hard to keep a true 6 feet away from others.

RVing is also great because many parks have closed off public restrooms and showers. If you bring your RV you are bringing your own clean bathroom with you. Bonus!!

Since the lockdown started, when we travel, if we need to use the restroom, we pull over and use the RV bathroom instead of entering gas stations or rest stops. Just make sure you add a little water to your freshwater tank before you go. You shouldn't need more than a couple of gallons, that way you won't have to worry about hauling the weight of a full fresh water tank.

On the other hand, if you will be enjoying parks and trails please take the measures needed to keep the parks clean. Especially since bathrooms are closed.

I cannot stress the motto "Leave No Trace" enough. Since the bathrooms are closed I have seen more and more litter in the parks and on trails. I know toilet paper is necessary and when you got to go, you got to go, but whatever you pack in, you pack out. Bring a baggy with you to discard of toilet paper and store it in your backpack until you can properly dispose of it.

Keep the parks and trails natural!

Travelling during a pandemic does present more challenges but it not impossible. Just remember to check regulations, shop before you travel, keep your distance, and be respectful of others and nature.


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