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Recently, Grant and I prepared for the worst when we saw the path hurricane Laura was predicted to take. If I had it my way, we would have hitched up and moved our fifth-wheel out of harm's way, but that wasn't an option.

Many homes were devastated when the storm struck land and tore through the Texas and Louisiana coast. Even though we had no damage, I still do NOT want to go through that again.

Why We Couldn't Move

We have had our fifth wheel parked in the Houston area for 2 weeks in order to do some updates to our camper and truck.

The Black Widow got a custom made drag bar that was fabricated out of steel and attached to the frame.

Grant's truck was in the process of having his exhaust deleted to boost power and because life happens, Grant ordered the wrong part making the truck unpredictable when driving on the highway and unable to haul our massive RV to safely.

So we got the camper as ready as we could to face hurricane winds and flying debris and hoped for the best!

How We Prepared

Just like anyone who is preparing for a hurricane, we stocked up on food and fuel. Because our camper isn't set up for being off-grid, we knew if we lost power it was going to suck but at that point, there wasn't anything we could do about it.

We did, however, flush and fill our fresh water tank completely so we could still be able to take showers and cook (we had fresh drinking water already bottled).

Next, we check our slide-out seels and made sure they were all facing outward so that there wouldn't be any weak spots that water could slip through. We also took out our 3rd AC's return air duct from the window because that isn't exactly waterproof either.

You can get straps to strap down your camper with supports that go about 4 feet down into the ground, but we didn't because nobody else in our RV park did and if their campers fell over, it would damage ours anyway. That may be dumb, but hey, it worked out.

Our plan if the storm did take a turn for the worst was to put in the slides and take shelter at a family members house. We would have to leave the camper behind and hope that nothing would happen to it.

The Storm

Want to know how much rain we got? Zero. Zip. Notta. That's how much! We stayed up waiting for the storm that never came.

Once it hit landfall, hurricane Laura shifted further to the east which took us completely out of the path and the rain that surrounds it.

We straight up dodged a bullet!

But, alas, I have reached an age where even if my property doesn't get damaged, I'm still sad for my neighbours who's property did have damage.

There are multiple resources that help you help those directly affected by the devastation of hurricane Laura where you can donate what you can such as Samaritan's Purse and the Salvation Army to name a couple. If you are able to help, help!

Grant is actually in Lousiana helping other's clear debris and fallen trees as I'm typing this.

Storms like hurricane Laura are unpredictable and cause so much damage. They can completely change people's lives and we like to help where and when we can.

The Power Outage

Yep. You read that correctly. We had zero inches of rain, but still lost power... the next day.

The north side of Houston lost power for most of the day following the storm. I had family on the east side that I stayed with for half of the day since outside (and inside the camper) was hot.

Don't worry, I was able to turn on our inverter (which keeps our refrigerator on while we travel) so that all the food we just purchase would not spoil. That's one great thing about power outages in an RV!

After about 4 hours, the RV park manager contacted us saying that there would not have power for the rest of the day. My dad graciously lent me a generator so that I could attempt to cool off the camper. It was able to power our 3rd AC (our smallest unit) and the fans so it was able to cool off very slowly.

We did end up gaining power back late that night which was wonderful.

Do I Want To Be A Storm Chaser Now?

Absolutely not! Ok, on second thought, that would be cool, but not in an RV!

We were lucky. The worst that happened to us was that we were inconvenienced for a few hours with no power. Hurricanes can be unpredictable because they can gain strength and switch paths at the drop of a hat.

I do not recommend you take on a hurricane in an RV. Even though we had no damage at all, the stress alone of wondering if your home is going to be destroyed is enough.

Grant has been sending me pictures of the devastation Laura has caused such as trees down, houses destroyed, powerlines in the streets, and overturned RVs.

There are so many others that lost everything and I urge you to help where you can. If you can't donate money, can you donate clothes, household items, or time?

Always, ALWAYS be kind to those around you. You never know what they're going through!

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