Start BEFORE You're Ready

So many people put off starting something new, be that going full-time in a camper, a blog, or whatever you're prolonging. That's all good and fine if you're happy with staying still but here's the kicker, if you wait until you are ready, you will be waiting for the rest of your life.

I am naturally an overthinker and I take that to the extreme. I'm one of those people that with EVER decision I research and ponder all the options, wait a while, research some more, ponder some more, and then finally take the leap when Grant tells me, "Just do it already!"

What was my most recent scary decision I needed a month to think over? Buying a new pair of glasses to replace the ones I lost...

Moral of the story, I get it! But if I didn't listen to Grant's push to do it, I would still be squinting at the screen while I type this blog. Buy the metaphorical glasses, it will help you out in the long-run.

I Bought a Fifth Wheel Before I Hit my Financial Goal

Life can be tough, mentally, physically, and financially. These three reasons alone, individually or combined, can especially deter you from starting toward your goal.

Upon my search for the perfect fifth wheel to move full-time into, I set a goal, just like so many would do. After all, getting finances in order is one of the main components of adulting! But one thing led to another and there I was watching months turn into years of prolonging my dream of living in a tiny house on wheels and travelling.

Per my nature, I did all the research (years of it, in fact) and I had a goal. I would buy a fifth wheel for X amount of dollars and have it paid off by X amount of months. I know, that's a pretty fancy equation I got there!

But guess what, that's not what happened. I'm sure you're thinking to yourself, "Duh, why would you be writing this blog if your plan went exactly as expected?" Yea, you're right!

What happened was, I got sick of waiting and I jumped before I was ready. Maybe it's irresponsible, maybe free-spirited. Who knows, I suppose the perception will be different for everyone.

Before you close out of this post because you lost all confidence in me, no, I did not put myself in a bad financial spot, it just meant I had to put off renovating the camper how I wanted and fewer trips to the mall. Still with me? Great! Now back to my point.

What I'm trying to get out of this story is that if I waited until I was ready, I still don't know if I would be where I am right now. Physically sitting on my couch in the fifth wheel that I own, writing this blog in hopes of inspiring you to take a leap of faith.

I started before I was ready and I am so thankful that I did!

I Wouldn't Have this Blog if I Didn't Start Before I Was Ready

I'm sure this might come as a shock to you, but I'm actually a pretty shy, introverted person. Many social situations make me uncomfortable and I absolutely hate being the centre of attention SO much that I did not even want a wedding because that meant all eyes would be on me. (I'm engaged for those just joining the adventure... go read The Weirdest Love Story, you'll get a good chuckle.)

While I was dreaming of living in a fifth wheel and travelling all over North America, I dreamt of having a blog to share all of my experiences. It was a dream of this exact blog that I have now that I premeditated FOUR YEARS before I actually started writing.

You bet I used research to procrastinate actually starting Black Widow Adventures too! I had to know what platforms were best, which were most cost-effective, what SEO tools I needed to use, how to develop my brand... the list goes on, unfortunately.

Finally, I grew some balls and decided to write and publish my first blog post, Hello! So nice to meet you. If you haven't read it, I suggest you go take a look. I'm sure you can see the nervousness in my writing. But the thing is, I did it! I pulled the trigger and started before I was mentally ready and I'm so proud that I did.

Do you know how accomplished I felt when I published it? Holy. Crap! All of the emotions were there. And the funny thing is, it just got easier to write! I found my voice, my vision, and I'm forever in search of my fellow Adventure Tribe!

*Shoutout to the 12 of you that consistently read my posts and send me feedback, you don't know what that means to me! Sending air hugs now.*

These are just two of the many examples that resonate with me. I urge you to always start before you are ready. You honestly, will never regret it! Every single time I wait until I feel ready, I ALWAYS think to myself that I should have been doing this years ago!

I love seeing people succeed more than anything and I very much want each and every one of you, my Adventure Tribe, to succeed at anything you want to do! Sending out all the positive and encouraging vibes to you all!

Feel free to comment, share, or message me via the contact page. I love hearing from you all!


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