The Biggest MYTHS About Full-Time RVing

RVing can be the greatest thing on the earth but there are some myths out there about full-time RV life that I would like to debunk. When preparing to transition to a tiny life on wheels, you are told many things that I find to be rather untrue.

These myths had such a big impact on me that it changed my vision and my price range when I was shopping for my fifth wheel. Don't feed into everything people tell you, do your research. Obviously, each person's life is different, but these are the things I found to be rubbish after I spend a year living in a camper.

Don't Buy a Camper Over 10 Years Old

This right here. This both limited me on RVs to purchase and at the same time increased our spending when shopping for a camper to live in. I find this to be complete bullshit if I'm being perfectly honest.

Everyone told me not to buy a camper 10 years or older because allegedly no RV parks allow them to reside in their parks.

We have moved more times than I can remember and all the parks we have stayed in only 1 park asked the year model of our camper. Just 1!

Sure, you'll have a bit more maintenance in an older camper, but what camper, house, or car doesn't have maintenance? No serious, name one. I'll wait...

In my opinion, you can get more for your buck by purchasing an older camper. Just make sure before you purchase, you have it inspected by a professional. You should be doing this with any camper, car, etc, you purchase anyways.

Do yourself a favour and ignore the sales dude that tells you, you won't be able to find a place to park your RV if it's 10 years or older. I'm convinced they're just telling you that for the commission.

RV Life is a Lonely Life

Hi there! Socially awkward, introvert coming in hot.

Yes, it's true, I am one of those people that prefers being in the woods with my dog over being around a group of people, so maybe I'm a bit bias when it comes to this topic.

But you guys! The RV community is one of the most friendly, helpful, invite you to dinner, give you the shirt off of their back, kind of people I have ever met in my life!

When I first starting full-timing in our fifth-wheel, my septic system completely failed. I was all alone and my neighbour helped me try to fix it. I had just met this woman and she was sticking her hands all up in the septic system trying to help me out.

Now that is something I never would have imagined. Who in the world would go to such lengths to help a stranger out? RVers, that's who.

*Check out The Biggest Shit Storm of RV History for more details. You'll get a good chuckle, I can laugh about it now.*

Encounters like this happen so often when you're full-timing in your camper. It's truly amazing! No matter how many new neighbours I get or how many people I meet, they're all the same. So nice genuinely nice and helpful!

I have never once felt lonely when I'm surrounded by people that consist of the RV community.

Life is ALWAYS a Vacation

Nah, bro. Just, NAH!

Living in an RV does not mean that every day is a vacation, it simply means that you live in an alternative home than traditional sticks and bricks home.

You still have chores to do, a job, and you have to live life in general.

Yes, my house is on wheels. I can put the slides in and move whenever I feel like it, but that does not mean I don't do very normal things like laundry and scrub toilets.

There is still work to be done; after all, nothing in life is free.

But I will add one thing I have loved about living tiny... Tiny house = Tiny cleaning

You can't help but love that fact! Even though you still do normal household things, they don't take as long, thus giving you more time to do fun things like hiking or going to a yoga class in whatever town you happen to be parked in.

Pretty rad, right? But still not a vacation. RVing is a lifestyle.

No Internet in an RV

This is a tricky one but we have found a way to always have internet most places we roam.

There are many different options nowadays when it comes to the internet which is great! It allows you to work from basically anywhere and stream all the movies you want.

Anywhere we have a phone signal, we have the internet. Pretty cool, huh?

We have a mobile hotspot that we pay for through our phone company with basically unlimited data. I say basically because we can use as much data as we want but once we hit a certain point the quality goes down.

Different phone providers offer different packages. Shop around! You'll be surprised and happy that you did.

We have even taken the mobile hotspot on road trips with us so that I can work from the car while Grant drives. This is great on extra long travel days. I have even been known to stream movies from the car. Yes, I'm fancy!

Everything Breaks on an RV

This one is 50/50, to be honest. I'm not completely debunking this one but simply reminding you that shit happens in life. Things break, it's not the end of the world.

It's a great idea to have a tool-box if you live in an RV. Actually it's a great idea to have a tool-box no matter where you lay your head at night.

We have had to repair and replace a few things along the way in an RV. After all, you're pulling your house down a bumpy highway at a high rate of speed. Something is bound to break at some point.

In the year that we have had our camper, we have had to endure 3 semi-major projects to fix our camper. Once when the black tank clogged, once when we found a rotten spot in the slide-out, and once when we found our grey and black tanks sagging.

All DIY RV repairs we have done have been successful and taken no more than a days work. No big deal! Do you know how empowering it is to be able to fix your own house?! I'll tell you, it's great. You will feel invincible!

We are living in the age of google and youtube DIY videos! With all that knowledge just waiting on your beckon call, what can you not accomplish?

There are even RV blogs and forums specifically made to help you with anything you need to fix along the way. Like this one... (Que The Twilight Zone theme song)

The point is, yes, shit breaks in a camper, but it's nothing you can't fix!

I have loved every second of living in my fifth wheel and I truly do not see myself ever living in a traditional home again.

I hope that you learned something and gained a bit more confidence about full-time RVing and learned from my debunked RV myths.

Do what makes you happy and live with the punches life is constantly throwing you. You know those punches aren't going to stop so you might as well do what you want!

As always, I am here for any questions, comments, or concerns. Feel free to reach out to me via comment or through the contact page!

Sending all the love and good vibes your way!


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