Unexpected Ways Full-Time RVing Changed My Life

There's no denying that moving into a 300 square foot camper with your finance and your dog is life-changing. You get rid of most of your stuff and have to learn new things like black tank maintenance, cooking on an RV stove, and optimizing your organization.

But even with all of the obvious things, I have noticed some changes in how I act on a day to day basis now that is different from better the switch.

What Has Changed Since Full-Time RVing?

Even though I feel these changes have been minor, they have impacted my life drastically. It's all thanks to living in a camper full-time. These were things that I never intended or expected to be changed since Grant and I moved into our fifth-wheel, The Black Widow, just over a year ago but I'm so glad they did.

I Cook More

Before Grant and I moved into the camper, we lived in a 1,500 square foot apartment with a very spacious kitchen. Downsizing kitchen gadgets was probably the most difficult part about converting to tiny living.

We had to get rid of excess cutlery, dishes, and even appliances in order to prepare for the move. We ended up keeping our toaster oven (because that's the best appliance ever invented), our crockpot, and our waffle maker (because it makes death star waffles... duh).

With the help of my handy-dandy gadgets and my RV oven, I now cook 98.94% of our meals. That is something I never would have guessed would be the outcome of downsizing into a fifth-wheel.

In the apartment, I might have cooked a meal once or twice a week. You know, the apartment with the spacious kitchen and the dishwasher?

That is one of my favourite things I have changed since converting to my tiny house on wheels. It has been a pleasant surprise that I hope sticks no matter where we roam.

I Clean More

The next best thing about living in an RV is that I find I have become a cleaner person. Since there is less space for things, your house can look cluttered fast (cough cough, Grant).

On the contrary, since I have fewer things, it doesn't take as long to put everything in its place. I'm talking, I can declutter the entire house in under 10 minutes. Is that badass or what?

Who really wants to spend all day cleaning their house? Not me and definitely not Grant. We can get the entire house deep cleaned (vacuumed, mopped, dusted, etc) in just minutes! I don't know about you, but that is one of the best parts about living in a tiny house.

I'm not going to lie, I miss the hell out of my dishwasher. That thing stopped so many petty arguments between Grant and me, but the thing is, our dishes are done every night now.

Maybe camper living projects some kind of voodoo magic that tricks you into being a cleaner person. But I'm not even mad about it!

I Workout Regularly

For those that don't know, I am actually a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. You would think that would mean that I have great workout habits, but that wasn't always the case.

Yes, I can lead an entire class of people to a great workout, but practising yoga by yourself is a whole other animal.

I struggled when Grant and I first went on the road to find time to workout. Travelling means change (duh, Dallas) so finding a routine can be hard. Especially when you're trying to create your own home practice.

When we were stationary, it was a piece of cake. I just found a local studio and surrendered to another teacher. That way I can truly take on the power of yoga and be centred to me and my mat instead of trying to remember what the hell comes after Warrior 2.

I firmly believe that in some ways, going into lockdown was a blessing in disguise. At least in my home practice, it was.

I now have a great workout routine that I can take with me anywhere I roam. So many studios have been forced to take their practice online.

Yes, it's an adjustment going from a quiet yoga studio to practising in a 42' camper with a dog and a fiance trying to wiggle around you and not knock you over (unless it's the Willie dog... in that case, he IS trying to knock you over).

I have found some amazing resources, both small and large, where I can search from different flows and practise whenever and wherever I want. Even off the grid in a valley in New Mexico (check out this blog to find out where... it's badass and you should go).

These are my favourite places to digitally practice yoga. Check them out! They have other types of classes as well if yoga isn't your thing.

  1. Body + Shine Wellness is a small studio located in Elgin, TX that offers classes on live stream and on-demand. These are some of the best teachers I have ever practised with and you won't be disappointed!

  2. Alo Moves is a big yoga corporation. One great thing about them is their large variety of classes, teaching styles, and different workout types such as yoga, HIIT, barre, and more. This is the more expensive option but I love the variety they offer.

I Donate More Often

I swear, the longer I live in a tiny house, the more I give things away. Just like in everyone's life, you acquire things, however, I thought I put a stop to acquiring things when I moved into a fifth-wheel.

Every 3 months I now find my way to local thrift stores to donate things that I do not need or want anymore.

I have never been the most materialistic or fancy, but even still my priorities have shifted from wanting the latest makeup pallet or trendy fashion item, to having a couple of good quality and comfortable items that are my weekly attire.

This surprised me because there was a time when I spent hours getting ready and picking out my outfit for the day.

Going tiny not only meant my house is tiny, my wardrobe and makeup collection have also depleted much more than I ever expected. And it's not because we don't necessarily have space for it. I truly have stopped wanting the newest and most fashionable things.

I'm not sure if that's just part of growing up (since I'm in my late 20s) or if that's because of my camper living, but I'm thankful for less need for more things.

Converting to living in a camper full-time has undoubtedly changed mine and Grant's life for the better. I have learned and changed more than I ever thought was possible in the year we have spent on wheels. For those changes, I am thankful.

I pride myself now more than ever on enjoying the little things. I collect memories, not things and I take care of myself and my space more than I ever did in a "normal" home.

I honestly cannot see myself living in a traditional home ever again in my life and I have this past year to thank for that thought.

If you have joined the RV journey, have you noticed any of these changes in yourself? If so, leave a comment and share your RV experience! I love hearing from you.

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