Welcome To Our RV Life

Where to start... I guess I could start the old fashioned way by introducing myself.

Hello, I'm Dallas. I'm a dog obsessing, yoga-loving, travel addict, minimalist (even though Grant, my fiance, still thinks I have too many clothes).

Yes, I'm one of those people that went along with the trend of getting rid of all their shit and moved into a little portable house to see the world! You know the type. I hope you love the type or this will be a very boring read for you.

Why RV life?

I had become obsessed with the idea of living full-time in a camper a few years earlier when I had a mental breakdown, packed up my car and moved halfway across the country. College is hard, y'all!

The whole way there my dad was freaking out and telling me I was going to die and that all these terrible things were going to happen... until I got there and he realized I was going to be just fine. His vibe then changed and shared all the fun things to do around the sleepy little mountain town I temporarily called home. He himself was a travelling soul before us kids.

Ever since then I had been hooked on the idea of moving somewhere new every year. I felt like it was the best and cheapest way to travel. You yourself would become a local and discover all the hidden beauties of the world.

That's when I came up with the idea to load up in a truck and a camper trailer and bring my house with me because waiting on leases to end when you've got that travel itch can be brutal. Plus pet deposits can get expensive and moving furniture sucks.

And then one day this guy came along... Up until that point, every guy that showed interest in me would take off running for the hills when I told him my big plan, which I was cool with. To this day I still believe that the best thing I ever taught myself was how to be happy alone.

Back to the mystery guy; I told him my big extravagant life plan fully expecting to have him hit the road running like the rest of them, but instead he said, "That's badass! I would love to live that way too." And the rest is history.

One year later he dropped down on his knee (with all of my nervous denial, but that's a different story which I'll get to another time) and we are planning to get married October 15, 2020... seeing as the world doesn't decide to end again.

Turning my RV Dream into a Reality

In July of 2019 Grant and I bought our camper, packed up the dog and 1/4 of our things (because that's all that would fit) and became full-time RVers! Our dream had become a reality at last!

Because life happens and it's never a fairy tale, like they tell you it will be as a kid, we hit some bumps along the road. Literally, and figuratively in this case. Shit happens in everyone's life. That's what Black Widow Adventures is all about.

Yes, I live in a cool, nontraditional house. Sometimes it is beautiful and I absolutely love it; It's wonderful being able to pack up and move across the country, wake up in some of the coolest remote places, and being able to go wherever with my home.

Sometimes life gets pretty shitty (literally... again, a different story for a different time) and I'm going to share all of it. The beautiful, the unique living, and the shitty stuff too. But I promise not to include pictures of the literal shit. Cool? Cool.

Anyways, I hope you stick around and see all the fun, beautiful, awesome, and weird that comes with this life. I'd be glad to have you join our journey.

Now it's your turn. Introduce yourself in the comments! Tell me a little about you and your love for travel, campers, dogs, yoga, or whatever you're into! Pictures get you extra credit (especially if it's of your little critter). Let's talk!

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